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Welcome aboard the USS PrtSc Land

I'm going to restart this whole comic eventually. Give me some time to force myself to decide "Here goes nothing" and do so.

Aug 12 2008 12:39 am

It's about time!

Finally introduced the main plot in a way that makes sense! Or at least it does for a comic whose author had no idea for a main plot until 16 months into the comic.

I've decided to make a second anniversary strip later (yes, this is technically the second anniversary already), then after that, I'm going to take a break from the comic until September, because I want to make sure that PrtSc Land makes sense before doing too many new updates. And when I get to the new updates, I can't guarantee one every week. If I update late too often, the schedule will be changed to every 10 days.

EDIT: I've made the anniversary strip now, and I've decided that until I get some more REAL fans, I'll update once every third Saturday, starting September 6. The upcoming characters filler mentioned in the new plot intro will be added between two of said updates, since it's a filler.

Jul 14 2008 12:10 am

Revamp complete.


Director: Cut!

Take Two

HOLY REVAMP BATMAN!! I just finished the revamp! Well, I mean, it's not like there was much to do, seeing as how any strip with Dido, Enya, Celine Dion, any Homestar Runner character, any Mario character, and/or Robina Hood had to be rejected so I could replace those strips with a new plot introduction that makes more sense compared to the rejected strips. (What was I thinking when I thought I could introduce the plot with a joke stolen from the Strong Bad E-mail "virus"?) And, actually, I haven't made that yet, but if I don't before the anniversary, everyone gets 50 Cameo Tokens. It's not considered part of the revamp because it's a new strip.

P.S.: Reading this post while listening to gives it more feeling.

Jul 03 2008 11:52 am

Second anniversary already?!

In this comic, anniversary celebrations are based on when the ORIGINAL version was started, so that means the second anniversary is coming up this August 12! On anniversaries, you will get to cameo without having to use Cameo Tokens, so let me know if you want to.
(if this is your first cameo, you will still have to pick a side)

Jun 02 2008 09:36 pm

Another update delay?

Looks like people don't really enjoy this comic as much as they should, so I decided to revamp it again, which means no new strips (except one that was set to be released this Saturday) until I finish revamping.

EDIT: Looks like people just hate ME, no matter how good I draw. So, I'm not revamping anymore until people start appreciating Photoshop-like effects in Paint. And if I don't have any new fans in 3 months, I'm DELETING the whole comic.

EDOT: Never mind. Metaishopless was amazed at the revamp of Candied Degrees, so I'll keep going. And Metaishopeless can have five Cameo Tokens.

EDUT: Elastikid was amazed too, though he misunderstood that (this character was kicked out of the comic later) technically isn't my character. Um... he wins 4.9 Cameo Tokens.

EDAT: I realized that giving out Cameo Tokens to everyone who likes the new style would get out of hand, so to get five (minus a little if you misunderstand something) Cameo Tokens, you have to say you like the new style before I get back to revamping.

EDET: I'm not listing them all! If you told me you liked the new style, go to the Cameo Tokens page to see if you got any!

May 28 2008 07:10 pm

Just so you know

Since the original version is finally up, I have a new update schedule: every Saturday.

If you have faved this, make sure to check it out every Saturday.

May 13 2008 09:47 pm

New computer

*calms down*

May 03 2008 10:30 am

Worst update delay ever

My computer won't start, and that's bad because I had just finished the newest strip and it's on there. So, expect me to not update for about 2 months. :'(

Apr 23 2008 07:19 pm

New feature vote

I'm planning to start doing a Strong Bad E-mail parody every five strips, but I need your opinion: should I do Dido E-mails or Enya E-mails? Poll ends when one of those has five votes. If the one you voted for wins, you get five Cameo Tokens, and if not, you still get three.

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