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FAQASIKIWGBWQAAIAAOOTQAITACT (pronounced "fak-uh-sick-ewg-bw-kaah-eye-aah-oot-kait-act") is short for "Frequently Asked Questions And Stuff I Know I Will Get Bombarded With Questions About, And If Anyone Asks One Of These Questions Again, I'm Taking Away Cameo Tokens". So let's begin.

Q: I don't like sprite comics.
A: This is not entirely a sprite comic!! You can't judge a book by its cover, you can't judge a ship by its hull, and you can't judge a comic by its banner or one of the author's avatars. Though, if you're on this page, you probably wouldn't have asked that anyway...
CTLIA (Cameo Tokens lost if asked): 10

Q: MS Paint sucks. and/or Learn (insert other program here).
A: That's one of the reasons I'm making this comic: to prove it doesn't.
CTLIA: 20 (40 if Photoshop is the program you suggest)

Q: I guess the formula is you take something you find funny, circle it, and make some terrible comic/statement about it?
A: Look, that was why the FIRST FEW strips are the way they are. Now the formula is "pick as many characters as possible, and decide whether they'd like Dido or Enya better". Which isn't that much better, but at least it's a plot. And I'm actually going to go somewhere with it eventually, you'll see.

Q: You should use newer sprites. Use Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for the Mario characters and/or Sonic Battle edits for your Neopets and/or (whatever it is most 32-bit Kirby sprites are from) for Kirby and/or edits of Spriters Resource's Zelda customs for the non-Mario-series humans.
A: Nah, I prefer to have all the sprites be at least somewhat Super Mario World-ish. Have YOU tried making a Celine Dion sprite by editing Zelda? Not. Gonna. Cut. It.

Q: Hah, you can't take away any Cameo Tokens since I don't have any!
A: Wrong. I can put it in the negatives. In fact, since you taunted me like that, I'm giving you a COMPLEX number of Cameo Tokens.
CTLIA: 10+3i

Q: (anything with a swear or a suggestive theme in it)
A: WHY isn't there a filter in comments? WHY??

Thank you for taking the time to not annoy me.